A 2257


Black Stallion Studio provides 3rd Party Record Keeping & Storage Services for our clients 2257-A Records.  We store our clients records on a high-end professional data base with a 128-bit encryption security and the capacity to search well over 300,000 entry fields a second.

We use a standardized record keeping form created by the Free Speech Coalition for 2257-A Records.  Our clients download and use these forms for their productions and then send their forms to our office.  When completed and signed, the 2257-A Record and associated attachments are sent to our office where our staff input the information into our database and store hard copies in barrister binders which we maintain in fire-safe lockers in storage.  In addition, we provided our clients with a weblink that directs interested parties to our 18 USC 2257-A Record Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.  Our Compliance Statment meets the requirements of the Department of Justice (DOJ).  Of course and most importantly, we or our staff are present at our office for record keeping inspections conducted by the Department of Justice (and other law enforcement agencies).

We accept completed and signed records and their associated attachments through either regular mail or email.  Our clients may scan their records with appropriation attachments into a high-resolution file and email their file to our office as an attachment (Full-Page Scans in PDF Format at a resolution of 300 dpi).  In addition, our clients may send our office their hard copies or high resolution color photocopies of their records to our office.

We offer several different service plans depending on the needs of our clients including the option to store model releases along with the associated 2257-A Records for our Premium and Business Plans.

Additional Information:  We have provided the following links to our compliance statement, downloadable forms, and more detailed information about our service plans.

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