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Black Stallion Studio rent our studio space. Black Stallion Studio takes a great deal of pride in offering the photographic community some of the most competitive rental prices in both the Washington-Metropolitan and Greater Mid-Atlantic Regions. Although under renovation, our studios are still available and rent complete with studio lights, a selection of light modifiers, muslin backdrops.We do not provide paper backdrops we have some that previous rentals have left and you are free to use them.

Our studio prices for Photography non Members are:

STUDIO for Photography HOURS RENTED Non Member Prices 
1 hr 2 hr 3 hr 4 hr 5 hr 6 hr 7 hr 8 hr 12 hr
Studio A $55 $110 $165 $220 $275 $330 $385 $440 $660
Studio B $55 $110 $165 $220 $275 $330 $385 $440 $660
Studio C and  Event Venue $110 $220 $330 $440 $550 $660 $770 $880 $1320
Recording Studio  DC Productions $110 $220 $330 $440 $550 $660 $770 $880 $1320

Become a MEMBER and Save money on rentals 

STUDIO for Photography HOURS RENTED Paid Member Prices 
1 hr 2 hr 3 hr 4 hr 5 hr 6 hr 7 hr 8 hr 12 hr
Studio A $45 $90 $135 $180 $225 $270 $315 $360 $900
Studio B $45 $90 $135 $180 $225 $270 $315 $360 $900
Studio C and  Event Venue $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $600 $700 $800 $1200
Recording Studio  DC Productions $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $600 $700 $800 $1200

Studio Reservations Calendar  here is the link to pay on line Studio Rental Payment (Online)

Our Studio Prices For Videography add $10 dollars per hour. This increase is due to the fact that while the video taping and filming the resources of the studio are used at a higher level and we increase the fee a small amour to cover the increased cost.

Studio Reservations Calendar Please only use this link Studio Rental Payment (Online) if you have already booked you studio time on the calendar at the link above and did not pay via PayPal and now want to pay using the PayPal system. Make sure you have the correct date and times. This will send the web master an email and we will make the changes to your reservation as needed.Please follow the Link Below Studio Reservations Calendar to book your time in the studio. If you are not a member of this site it will take you to the join site page to sign up it is free and you must be a member to use and post to the calendar. Follow the directions and fill in all the fields, this is a great help to us if we need to get in touch with you for any reason.

Sly Horse Studio rental prices assume normal photographic use by a photographer and their clients.  Our studio is flexible and will make every effort to accommodation other uses of our studio space such as workshops, video, and classes.  Although we work to keep our prices consistent, Sly Horse Studio does reserve the right to change or modify our prices depending on the size, nature, and involvement and effort of our studio and personnel in the preparation and facilitation of an event.  If you are interested in renting the studio space for an event or non-photographic uses, please feel free to contact us to discuss your intended use and obtain a price quote.

Although prices and fees are subject to change and modification without notice, Black Stallion Studio values our clients, takes pride in our relationship with the community of professionals who make use of our facilities, and will make every effort to post notices of such changes on our website in advance.

Please contact us by email or telephone (202) 538-7963.

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