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Terms of Use and Cancellation Policy

I have read and Agree with the Terms of Use and Understand I am the person that is responsible for any and all

charges for the rental of the Studio of Venue   


1.Payment is due no later then at end of rental. Payment can be in forms of cash, Credit Card, Pay Pal, and Check with proper id and prearrangement.

2.Studio must be cleaned and returned as it was found.

3.Making a reservation on the calendar you are entering into a contract and will abide by all terms.


We understand things come up and you may have to cancel a reservation. We want you to understand that we need to know as soon as you know that you have to cancel so we can make the time slot open so someone who may have a need to use it can. With that said do to a high Number of cancellations lately we are going to put into place and practice the following policy.

Once you have reserved the studio the time slot is yours we will hold the studio for you. Follow the instruction below and all will work fine. It is important that we have a good Phone no and email on the reservation.

You may cancel the reservation at any time however if you do not cancel 24 hours or more before the starting time you will be billed for the entire cost of the rental. If you do not cancel  48 hours before the starting time  you will be responsible for a cancellation fee of $35.00 dollars. If you cancel with more that 48 hours of time until the starting time of your reservation you will not have to pay for any thing.

The process to cancel a reservation is as follows

  1. Email state the date and time of rental and that you need to cancel (the time and date stamp will be what we use to determine if you have canceled before the 24 hour mark or the 48 hour mark)
  2. We will send you a return email confirming the cancellation. (if it is not time stamped 24 hours before the rental starting time and the rental was not prepaid we will bill you the total rental cost. This is due with in 5 days or if it is less then 48 hours you will be billed $35 )
  3. Call the studio at 202-538-7963  and leave a voice mail or or text the studio at 202-538-7963 as a back up to you email.

If we are able to rent the time slot you have cancelled we will refund if you prepaid or not charge you for your cancellation.

If you prepaid for the time slot and you cancelled before the 48 hour deadline you can choose to have a refund the charges or use the charges as credit to future rentals.

I am sorry we have to install this policy and I hope that I never have to use it. So please make sure you are keeping track of Models and Clients and make them aware of the possible cost for cancelling the shoot.

I Agree to Terms of Use

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